Meet the Hosts

My name’s Ilana and this podcast is more of less my fault. I’m a 20-something lady with a BA in film that was mostly useless and a job that doesn’t really count as film. I made a short film that played in a festival once which you might hear about occasionally. I also really love movie soundtracks to the point that me stating I own a movie soundtrack is more often met with eye rolling and statements of ‘of course.’ You can find me on Tumblr or my art website LK’s Arts

Aria loves action and animated films and is generally awesome. You can visit her facebook page Arigetsarty or check out her Animation review blog Comically Animated

Adrian is the one with actual knowledge of science-y things and history. His favorite movie is Jurassic Park. Links coming soon for his choose your own adventure game he’s building with his fiance.

I hope to have more hosts on the show in the future